What To Do When You Find A Stray Pet in Carbon County

Dog and cat lovers tend to be the most likely to notice and care when they see a stray cat or dog wandering about. But don’t assume because you found the companion animal wandering the streets that he was abandoned or unwanted. As anyone who own dogs or cats can attest, it’s very easy for the most beloved pets to go astray.

Here are some guidelines for what to do if you find a lost dog or cat in Carbon County and want to help reunite him and his owners.  First, no matter where you live or where you have found a cat or dog (within city limits or in the county), call the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office at 446-1234 to file a report. The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office also sponsors a FaceBook page for residents to post pets that have been lost or found within Carbon County. https://www.facebook.com/Carbon-County-MT-Lost-and-Found-Pets-2211517949086226/ Additionally, if the animal was found within the city limits of Bridger,  or Red Lodge, call your local police department to file a report. Finally, call BHA at 446-3500 to also file a report. It is important that you call all of these places to file a report because if someone is trying to locate their missing pet they will call law enforcement and/or BHA. Please keep this important information for future reference.

Animal control services are limited or nonexistent within the county and municipalities and hindered by lack of a temporary holding facility. Although BHA does not have the authority to respond to animal control issues (for example, stray cat/dog intake), BHA does offer proactive services to aid the finder in locating an owner. If you have found a lost dog or cat, send a picture of the found animal to info@beartoothhumane.org with details such as when and where the animal was found, gender, and where the animal is currently located. BHA will post this information on all relevant social media sites. Further, BHA will arrange for a classified ad in the Carbon County News. BHA receives hundreds of lost/found pet calls annually. Approximately 20% of the lost pets reunited with their families are due to BHA efforts.

And most importantly….ID YOUR PET! If your own cat or dog has ever gone missing, you know what a relief it is to get the phone call from someone who has found your pet. In many of these owner-pet reunions,  a Good Samaritan will have found and held your pet or chaperoned him to a safe place. The best way to make sure your dog or cat makes it home safely is to help that Good Samaritan – have your pet microchipped, make sure he ALWAYS has a collar with ID tags, and never allow your cat or dog to roam unsupervised.