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Humane Education
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Humane Education

There is a special magic that exists between children and animals.  Many of the elements of effective character education – kindness, compassion, empathy – apply to our relationships with animals as well as people. BHA’s humane education programs strive to teach students these skills and more using animals as a platform for learning. Our programs are hands-on, interactive and fun. Lessons are available for kids of all ages and are based on Montana state academic standards.

Programs include:

  • $School outreach for elementary and preschool
  • $Animal afternoons for after school programs
  • $Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.)

Are you interested in bringing BHA’s Humane Education to your school or youth group? Programs can be customized to your specific needs. Call BHA at 406-446-3500 or email info@beartoothhumane.org for more information on how to schedule a program.

The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable, the program was well planned and it was a great idea to combine caring for animals with respect and caring for humans.

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