A temporary home for homeless pets

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Unlike other animal rescue organizations, BHA does not operate a shelter. Instead, we rely on a network of foster homes that house homeless pets until they are permanently placed. Fosters receive a small stipend and are provided with everything the pet needs while in their care. Many of our fosters say their experience is extremely rewarding.

Fostering might be a good fit for you if you’re not ready to commit to a pet permanently, or you would like some temporary companionship. If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet or loved one fostering can help ease the pain of loss.

Many of our fosters provide us with preferences so we can make the perfect match. Some only foster kittens, while others prefer adult cats, and our dog fosters decide what size or age dog they want to foster. When it comes to our fosters, we’re flexible!

Would you like to join our foster family? Please call 406-446-3500 or email info@beartoothhumane.org.

If you’re interested in helping BHA, but can’t be a foster, we have other volunteer opportunities available, contact us to learn more.