Foster Homes

caring peopleBeartooth Humane Alliance utilizes foster homes to care for homeless pets while we find permanent, caring homes for them. This successful program allows the cat or dog to become relaxed in a family environment. In this stress-free atmosphere true personalities, temperament, and behaviors emerge allowing BHA to find the absolute perfect match for the pet!

We are seeking kind people with room in their hearts and homes to foster dogs or cats.

All dogs and cats are vet-checked before they’re placed in foster homes.

  • As a fosterer, you’re expected to provide animal care according to our guidelines (mostly common sense).  Veterinary care will be paid for by BHA. Science Diet food, kitty litter and all other necessary supplies will be provided by BHA.
  • You’re expected to care for the animal until a permanent, BHA-approved home is found. Being homeless is hard enough – we want to avoid moving animals from foster home to foster home. But if you find yourself unable to continue caring for your foster animal, we will of course make other arrangements.
  • BHA will offer a small daily stipend for foster care. Generally, a $3.00 per day stipend will be offered for fostering a cat/kittens and a $5.00 per day stipend will be offered for fostering a dog/puppy.
  • If you have questions or need help with any aspect of the foster animal’s care, we’ll be there to help you.
  • All that is required of the foster family is supervision, socialization, exercise, shelter, water, and lots of TLC!
  • Warning! Fosterers often fall in love with their foster animals and adopt them permanently!

If you may be interested in providing a foster home and giving an animal a second chance at life, please print out our application.

Over the past few years, BHA has “lost” many foster homes either because they become “foster failures” meaning they have fallen in love and adopted their foster pet (which is a great thing!), or have moved out of the area, or have had another life change like a new job.  A shortage of good foster homes could severely impact the future of this program so BHA is always looking for new foster homes!

Do you know someone who would make a good, responsible foster parent who could benefit from the daily stipend and/or companionship of a temporary pet? If you do not personally know any good candidates, can you think of someone BHA should talk to that might have some ideas about good candidates? If you wish to learn more about the Foster Care Program or have suggestions for candidates, please call BHA at 406-446-3500 or email to

Completed applications may be mailed to BHA, PO Box 2333, Red Lodge, MT  59068.  A BHA representative will contact you upon review of your application.