FAQs about Nip and Tuck

Operation Nip & Tuck offers spay and neuter surgeries at no cost for unsupervised cat populations such as barn cats, located within Carbon and Stillwater Counties.

Designated area vets provide this surgical service. If you are a Carbon County resident, simply call BHA at (406) 446-3500 to schedule your appointment on a date and location most convenient for you. If you are a Stillwater County resident, call 406-426-0092 to schedule your appointment.

Here are some common questions and please remember all dogs must be leashed, and all cats must be in carriers.

• Is an appointment necessary?

Yes. Call BHA at 406-446-3500 in you live in Carbon County or call 406-426-0092 if you live in Stillwater County. We will have appointments available monthly, year round and do our best to schedule you as soon as we have availability!

• What are the benefits of spaying/neutering my pet?

Click here to see the many benefits of fixing your animals and doing your part to prevent pet overpopulation!

• What does it cost?

Our Nip & Tuck program is free for unsupervised outdoor cats. For other pets in need of spay/neuter we offer low-cost vouchers. Co-pays apply depending on animal. See Info here.