Make a Donation

Make a Donation…..

…and feel good knowing you are directly helping to make life better for the dogs and cats in Carbon and Stillwater Counties! And in exchange, we promise to keep you up-to-date on all our animal welfare efforts through our Paw Prints newsletter mailed to your household twice a year and our monthly Mewsletter electronic newsletter for all the latest BHA news.

For your convenience, BHA accepts donations on-line. It’s easy!  Donations with your credit or debit card are processed on-line through PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use the service and all information is confidential and secure.

If you prefer, you may print our Donation form and mail your donation to the address provided on the form.

For your consideration……

  • A gift of $1,000.00 pays for the sheltering of one cat for 333 days or for one dog for 200 days.
  • A gift of $500.00 pays for one year’s worth of dry dog and cat food.
  • A gift of $250.00 pays for 5 female cat spays or 8 male cat neuters
  • A gift of $100.00 pays for 20 microchips
  • A gift of $50.00 pays for one dog neuter
  • A gift of $25.00 pays for one feline leukemia test