Humane Education Program

Ready? Set? …..  Learn!

Character education, a national movement, is a curriculum area within our schools that lends itself well to the incorporation of humane education.  Responsibility, respect and citizenship are some examples that are at the core of both concepts.  Using animals as a springboard for discussion about these abstract concepts can be fun and more engaging for children.

There is a special magic that exists between children and animals.  Many of the elements of effective character education – kindness,compassion, trustworthiness – apply to our relationships with animals as well as people.   Humane education programs strive to teach students skills in how to responsibly and respectfully care for pets and increase their awareness and knowledge of their surrounding environment including their wildlife neighbors.  Communities with humane education programs look to benefit from enhanced stewardship skills and heightened compassion.

The Beartooth Humane Alliance has a dynamic and unique education programs for kids of all ages.  Our school outreach program is wide reaching.  BHA visits every elementary school in Carbon County and delivers humane education programs to over 500 students.  BHA is consistently inspired by the enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and the passion of our young people in the area.  The outreach programs are hands-on, interactive and fun!  The age appropriate lessons focus on a variety of humane education topics such as: the similarities between people and their pets; the needs and feelings of people and animals; responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering.  The school outreach program uses Montana’s academic state standards for the bases of lesson planning, therefore, the lessons are not just fun for the students, but provided much needed help for area teachers as well.

We are also proud of our unique after-school program called Animal Afternoons offered to area school and youth groups. Participating children learn responsible pet ownership and other humane education topics through the use of arts and crafts, storytelling and games. Activities have included: making Valentines for pets;creating mini-books telling stories about the importance of animals;and sewing and stuffing cat toys. As an additional academic component to Animal Afternoons, BHA utilizes Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) with our programming. Students take turns reading to trained assistance dogs while they are participating in the program. It has provided an interesting – and FUN –way to practice literacy skills!

BHA provides these, and many more educational opportunities in the area.  Programs can be customized to your group’s age, needs and topic.  Call BHA at 446-3500 for more information or to schedule a program!