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About Adoption

“To the world you are just one more rescue person. To a rescued pet, you are the world.”

Ask anyone who has rescued an animal, and they’ll swear their bond with their rescued pal is as deep as they come. When you open your heart and your home to a pet who needs help, they really do show their appreciation for the rest of their life!

Beartooth Humane Alliance frequently has pets available for adoption. Many of our cats and dogs were members of someone’s family, but due to life’s circumstances could no longer stay with their families. In some cases, an animal was found homeless with no apparent owner. When they come to BHA, all animals are vet checked, spayed/neutered, wormed, and updated on all vaccines. Our adoption fee covers all those veterinary services plus microchipping for your new pet.

We look forward to helping you find your new companion!

BHA rehomed a dog for us, and I don’t think that I could have done it on my own. They had all the connections, and it really didn’t take all that long. I’m just so happy. It was good for her and for us.

Margaret Botts

Adoption Process

Our goal is to provide animals and people with the perfect placement

At Beartooth Humane Alliance, everything we do is to ensure the animals in our care find their ideal placement. Our goal is to give them the best possible chance of finding permanent, caring homes.

We ask you to answer questions and complete our adoption application. We’re not just being nosy! Some of our dogs and cats would be good with kids, or other pets, or appropriate for first-time pet owners. Others may have special needs or may be more appropriate for an experienced pet owner. The questions we ask enable us find the perfect pet for you.

We receive new animals all the time, so if you don’t find the perfect match, we encourage you to check back frequently and stay in touch.

Our staff will fill you in on the history and needs of the animal you are interested in adopting. It’s also the best time to ask questions. If you’re concerned about anything we want to help, whether it’s training, health, behavior or any other questions you have, please ask.

If you decide you’d like to adopt one of our pets, meet our requirements, and are approved for adoption, we will set up a convenient time for you to meet the animal. Please take all the time you need to determine if this is the perfect pet for you!  It’s a big commitment!

When you pick up your pet, you will be asked to fill out and sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee:

The contract explains our requirements and gives you another chance to consider the adoption. We want adoptions to succeed because it’s very hard on an animal to go to a home and then be returned to us – although we will always take back a pet if the adoption isn’t a good fit.

The adoption fee covers the costs of foster and veterinary care.

Adoption Requirements

  • ZYou must be at least 21 years of age.
  • ZYou must agree to abide by the animal ordinances where you live.
  • ZIf you live in a town, please note that some towns do not allow you to let your dog run loose, and in some instances, we will require that you have a fenced yard.
  • ZAll dogs and cats are required to be spayed or neutered before adoption. If the attending veterinarian chooses to postpone the spay/neuter surgery due to medical concerns, you must return the animal to the veterinarian at the specified time for surgery.
  • ZVery young children and small puppies and kittens do not always mix. Children are often bitten or scratched because they hold or pick up a young animal in the wrong way. If you have a young child or children, our adoption volunteer will talk with you and your children about the children’s previous experience with other animals and will ensure that your children and the animal are compatible.
  • ZPuppies (dogs aged five months and younger) are generally not adopted into a home where there is no one home during the daytime for more than five consecutive hours. A puppy needs to be socialized with people on a consistent basis in order to become a good companion. A puppy cannot be housetrained if there is no one home to take it outside for training. If you cannot be home to train a puppy, we will encourage you to consider adopting an adult dog.
  • ZIf you live in a rental, you must provide written permission from the landlord or owner of the residence that you can have a pet and whether there are weight/size restrictions on the pet.
  • ZIf for any reason the adoption is not successful or you cannot keep the pet, we welcome you and your pet back. We recognize that not every pet adoption will be successful through no fault of the person or the pet. We would rather you return the pet to us than give it to someone who may not care for it properly.
  • ZDogs are placed as companion animals, not as guard dogs or fighting dogs.
  • ZIf you are considering de-clawing* your adopted cat, please ask our staff about alternatives to this surgical procedure. De-clawing often leaves cats in pain, and a cat without claws is completely defenseless should it escape your care. *De-clawing is the amputation of half of each toe.
  • ZIf you have a history of violating the law or losing, giving away, or selling animals, or have had your animals injured or killed by vehicles, we will review the circumstances and reserve the right to not give you an animal.
  • ZIf you already have animals, we will ask you about their health status. We may require you to provide proof of vaccinations, heartworm tests, or other medical care. Please understand that if your animals are not vaccinated or may be ill, we cannot place a new animal with you.
  • ZWe will not give you an animal as a gift for another person unless that person has gone through our adoption process. Please understand ‘gift’ animals are often returned to the shelter because the new ‘owner’ is not prepared to care for them.
  • ZWe will implant a microchip in all our adopted animals with the name and contact information of the owner. If your pet is lost, anyone with a chip reader will be able to identify and contact you. If you give away your pet for any reason, it is important to update the microchip registration.
  • ZIf we learn that you have put false information on your adoption application, we will nullify the adoption application – and we reserve the right to take back an animal that has already been adopted to you.
  • ZWe reserve the right to deny adoption if an adoption is not in the best interests of the animal.

Adoption Fees

Adult (previously spayed/neutered)…$50
Kitten/unaltered adult…$150 (two kittens…$225)

Adult (previously spayed/neutered)…$150
Puppy/unaltered adult…$200

Beartooth Humane Alliance provides every animal with medical care including:

  • a thorough veterinary exam
  • deworming
  • distemper vaccinations
  • spay/neuter
  • feline leukemia testing (cats)
  • heartworm testing (dogs)
  • microchipping

Adopted pets are also provided a bag of Hills Science Diet pet food. Upon adoption you will be provided with a complete list of medical services provided and recommendations for future medical care.

By comparison, consider the average retail costs for the same medical services we provide in the adoption fee:

Adult Dog
  • Veterinary Exam: $30
  • Distemper Vaccination: $30
  • Rabies Vaccination: $20
  • Bood Test – Heartworm: $22
  • Spay/Neuter: $120-$197
  • Deworm: $8
  • Microchip: $34

Total cost: $264-$341

  • Veterinary Exam: $28
  • Distemper Vaccination: $60
  • Rabies Vaccination: $20
  • Blood Test – Heartworm: $22
  • Spay/Neuter: $120-$197
  • Deworm: $8
  • Microchip: $34

Total cost: $292-$369

Adult Cat
  • Veterinary Exam: $30
  • Distemper Vaccination: $25
  • Rabies Vaccination: $20
  • Blood Test – Feline Leukemia: $53
  • Spay/Neuter: $66-$105
  • Deworm: $8
  • Microchip: $34

Total cost: $236-$275

  • Veterinary Exam: $28
  • Distemper Vaccination: $50
  • Rabies Vaccination: $20
  • Blood Test – Feline Leukemia: $53
  • Spay/Neuter: $66-$105
  • Deworm: $8
  • Microchip: $34

Total cost: $259-$298