About Us

Our Mission

Beartooth Humane Alliance assists the people and animals of Carbon County and Stillwater County, Montana, by helping companion animals in need, promoting responsible animal care through education, providing solutions to dog and cat overpopulation, and serving as an animal welfare resource.

Organizational Values

The following statements reflect the commitments that we live by and that provide us daily direction and drive everything that is done in our organization.

We Believe That…
All animals are worthy of our respect and compassion.

While in our care, each animal will be treated kindly and compassionately. All steps necessary to determine adoptability and all promotional efforts will be expedited to place an animal in a loving, caring and permanent home.

Families are deserving of a healthy and temperamentally sound animal as determined by the best of our abilities. Significant aggression or an incurable or debilitating condition may render an animal unsuitable for placement. We will humanely act to prevent further suffering to the animal or to prevent human injury.

Companion animals provide people with joy and friendship and are completely dependent on human care for the duration of their life.  All members of a household must carefully, and in full agreement, decide to adopt an animal.  Ownership carries the responsibilities of meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of the animal including food, water, exercise, shelter, safety, veterinary care and companionship.

All companion animals will be spayed or neutered upon adoption to help reduce the overwhelming pet overpopulation crisis.

Education and community support is the key to profoundly changing the fate of unwanted pets to ensure each enjoy a loving, permanent home.

We Are Committed To….
Upholding the public trust by being honest, competent, and consistent in our beliefs and actions.
Providing animal welfare services and humane education within our organizational means.

Providing exceptional service. We listen carefully and respond to the needs and expectations of our clients and our community. We acknowledge all supporters in a sincere and timely manner.

Providing our valuable volunteers with rewarding experiences and recognizing their contributions.

The Past

People said for years that something should be done about dog and cat problems in Carbon County. Then, in 2003, a group of volunteers held the county’s first-ever spay-neuter clinic, dubbed Operation Nip and Tuck. With the help of generous donors and more than 100 volunteers, 332 dogs and cats (mostly barn and feral cats) were sterilized at no cost to those who brought them in.

We then held a spay/neuter clinic every year through 2015. In total, the clinics accomplished the sterilization of over 4,500 dogs and cats. Imagine the numbers of homeless and suffering animal in our county if we hadn’t provided this essential service. In 2016, Operation Nip & Tuck was redesigned to fix even more animals by providing convenient, monthly spay and neuter services by appointment at local veterinary locations for the outdoor cat populations in Carbon and Stillwater Counties.

In these early days, people told us about animal problems: dogs at large, feral cat colonies overrunning alleys, dogs and cats neglected and abandoned. In 2006, we incorporated the Beartooth Humane Alliance as a non-profit organization to tackle these problems and started a range of programs to help animals – and to help people who want to help animals.

The Present

Every day, we hear from people who can no longer care for their pet or stories of animals that are homeless, running loose or being neglected. To respond to these situations, Beartooth Humane Alliance provides these services:

  • Foster homes for adoptable animals that have no homes or must be given up by their owners. Our dedicated foster homes provide quality temporary care until we can place these animals in caring, permanent homes.
  • In addition to the operation Nip & Tuck programs, we provide vouchers for low-cost pet spay-neuter available to Carbon and Stillwater County residents with low or limited incomes, which are honored by local veterinary clinics.
  • When a companion animal is lost or found, a call to us is one of the first calls made. This collection of data has helped to reunite hundreds of pets with their family.
  • We provide Humane Education programs in Carbon County schools and to other youth groups to help youngsters take proper care of pets and avoid problems like dog bites. We also regularly provide adult information about good pet care, pet behavior issues, and more.
  • We advise people about what to do when they see animal mistreatment. We encourage and support local law enforcement when they receive calls about abused or neglected animals.
  • The distribution of pet food to the three county food banks helps to ensure our local pets don’t go hungry.
  • Our Hay Bank helps financially struggling families with hay to feed their horses before starvation or abandonment becomes the only option.

The Future

BHA is the only companion animal welfare organization in Carbon & Stillwater Counties. Since inception, we have always been responsive and nimble in our programming to address the needs of area animals and the people who care for area animals. This is our mission and one the community has come to rely on.  One prime example is educating local officials and animal advocates about Carbon & Stillwater County’s need for animal control services. Beartooth Humane Alliance has adopted the long-term goal of assisting local authorities in providing solutions for the many animal control issues in our communities including pets found homeless until they can be reunited with their owners or in cases of neglect. Although BHA does not have the authority to act in a law enforcement or animal control capacity we will continue to shelter unclaimed, adoptable animals through BHA’s foster care program until a new home may be found.

While we continually plan for long-term needs, we can do a great deal now to help suffering animals, give homeless animals a chance at permanent loving homes, and prevent the births of unwanted litters. We have and will continue to accomplish much for the betterment of the animals with the continued support of our community.